Where are you ?

Our address is 2A, rue d'Alspach in Colmar (see on map). 50 meters away from the "FNAC" shop, right in the city center.
In case of booking, please arrive at least 5 minutes before the reserved slot starting time. Then wait for us in front of the "Micromania" store, 5 rue Vauban, just on an adjacent street.

How to book ?

You can book on this link: Book.
If you are not sure on how many players will come with you, please indicate 2 participants when booking.

Is it scary ?

No. There is no scary or surprising element. No physical strength is needed either.
Kids, pregnant women and seniors are thus welcome.

Minimum age ?

There is no age limit. The complexity of some puzzles makes the game more suitable for 10+ years old. If one or several players are younger than 16, presence of an adult is mandatory.

Who can I participate with ?

Whether you are a couple, or you come with your family, friends or colleagues, you will share an unforgettable experience. You will discover your fellow partners in a way you never saw them before and ties will be strengthened.

Disabled accessibility ?

Despite all our efforts, our city center location in a protected building does not allow us to welcome people in wheelchair.

At which time should I come ?

5 minutes before. Playtime will be reduced for delays superior to 10 minutes, while a 20+ minutes delay will automatically cancel your booking with no refund.

I need to cancel my booking.

Cancellations at least 72 hours before are free of charge and your deposit will be refunded. If cancellation is requested less than 72 hours before, we will not refund.

What happens if we don't manage to get out before one hour ?

You will stay in the room and you will survive by eating ants and spiders, for many years. Or maybe we will let you go after a short debriefing of the game.

What happens if we succeed ?

You will earn respect and worship from your friends and family.

Where can I park ?

There are many parking lots around. Within 3 minutes walking distance: parking Jeanne d'Arc, parking quartier Bertsch, parking Saint-Eloi, parking de l'Ours, etc.
We offer you one hour of parking upon presentation of payment proof from the parking app (one car max).

Are we locked up ? What about safety ?

Yes, you are really locked up. Our facilities meet safety standards, and emergency exits can be used anytime.

Are we video recorded ?

Yes, for your safety and for the game to run properly. Records are saved or 7 days but are not used or shared. We retain the right to extend that 7 days period in case of dispute.

Do I need special apparel ?

There is no need for special apparel or clothes. We will even ask you to let your phones and cameras at the reception desk. We kindly remind you that phosphorus bombs are also forbidden by international rules and we will ask you to let them at the reception as well.

Which language do you speak ?

Nous vous accueillons avec plaisir en Français, Anglais, et en Allemand, Alsacien et Russe selon les périodes.
Aucune de ces langues n’est nécessaire à la compréhension et à la résolution des énigmes cependant.

I have other inquiries.

Do not hesitate to send us an email by going to our Contact page (see menu).