The game

The theme

Abandoned building site

You and your colleagues find yourselves trapped in a derelict building site. Who did this? Why?

And above all: how will you get out?

A few clues scattered around the building and the construction equipment you've left behind may help you get out of there and back into daylight. But beware, just when you think you're close to your goal after finally managing to get out of the cellar, you'll realize that deliverance is still a long way off.

The objective

Very simple: in a building under construction, with doors locked all around you, you have just one objective.
Get out.

Number of players and duration

From 2 to 8 people. For groups of 6 to 8 people, we adapt the puzzles to allow everyone to participate fully.
Suitable for all ages (+10 years recommended).
The game lasts a maximum of one hour (allow 5 minutes for the briefing and a further 5-10 minutes for the debriefing).

The figures

20 minutes

It's the absolute record for leaving our abandoned building site without a clue! Only 4 groups have managed to get out in under 30 minutes, in the 7 years we've been open.


This is the overall success rate. Groups of 4 and 5 do best. On the other hand, coming as a couple is a real challenge, with less than 20% success rate.


This is the average number of clues we give to each group.